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Pest Inspection

Pre Purchase Timber Pest Inspection (AS:4349.3)

What is a timber pest inspection? A timber pest inspection is the most important inspection when buying a house, villa or unit. When you consider that the purchase of a home is usually the single largest investment you and your loved one’s make in a lifetime. The protection of that investment is essential. We have all heard stories when people buy a property without an inspection, only to find severe damage shortly after they have moved in. One in three Australian homes will or have had some level of termite attack and damage. This always amounts to a large repair bill. Having a pre purchase timber pest inspection will give you an informed choice when buying a property.

What does your inspector do for the inspection? Our inspectors check all the internal walls with a moisture meter. We check accessible roof voids and sub floor areas. Any garages or extra building ie. garden sheds, granny flats etc. And all the external areas of the property. We look for termites, borers and rot, and the causes of these issues. A written report is done, stating our findings and recommendations. (See Pre purchase Timber pest inspection agreement for limitations)

Our operators are experienced, qualified and insured for your piece of mind   Please contact us today so we can help you make an informed choice.

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